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start the new year with delicisious cheese teas


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what's cheese tea?


When you think of tea, you might associate it with fancy tea cups and scones. When you think of cheese, you might think of pizza or sandwiches. The thought of pairing tea and cheese probably seems really weird then, right? Well, cheese tea is actually much different (and much more delicious) than it sounds. Cheese tea is not, in fact, comprised of shreds of cheddar or mozzarella floating in a cup of tea. Instead, it consists of a layer of decadent, creamy cheese foam that is paired with refreshing, sweet tea underneath.


Instead of preparing a big tank of tea at the beginning of the day, Little Fluffy Head Cafe brews all of their tea in small batches to ensure freshness. For certain drinks, tea is even brewed for that individual cup when the customer places their order. The end result? A serendipitously refreshing drink you can enjoy!

Freshness You Can Taste


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cheese tea: it’s real and it’s spectacular

Listen as Rico learns all about the part-creamy cheese, part-floral tea drink from Little Fluffy Head owner Jenny Zheng.




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