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Monday – Sunday | 11am – 10pm

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– Little Fluffy Head Cafe –



Fluffy Cheese Cream Sensation

Started in August 2017, Little Fluffy Head Cafe is one of the first cheese tea boba shops of its kind in Los Angeles, providing customers the familiar taste of deeply adored boba drinks-but with an added twist. Cheese tea is a special style of tea that consists of a layer of decadent, creamy cheese foam with a cold tea underneath, giving the beverage a refreshingly sweet flavor with a savory finish.

Owner Jenny Zheng has her own interpretation of cheese tea upon introducing this new type of beverage to the boba tea market. She and her team have been ventured into creating cheese cream of distinctive flavors to pair with refreshing iced teas. Each cream is made-from-scratch with sweet and savory varieties. They are calling them “Fluffy Tea”.

Little Fluffy Head Cafe not only delivers the most unique boba beverage drinking experience but also an appealing one with its minimalistic interior design resonating with the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area.

If you’re bored of your usual mid-day boba tea and are looking to try something different, be sure to stop by Little Fluffy Head Cafe and enter the world of fluffy cheese tea.


– Enjoy the Most Unique Cheese Tea Experience –

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