Yes, cheese tea exists: Here's what it tastes like and where to get it

By Dan MagroMia Nakaji MonnierNicole Adlman

When we heard about Little Fluffy Head’s cheese tea, we had two immediate thoughts: “Weird!” and “We need to try that.” 

So on the cafe’s opening day, in the middle of a late-summer heat wave, we walked the five blocks from our office and ordered a drink — just one to share, because we weren’t feeling brave enough to commit to cheese-on-tea yet. But one sip in, we immediately regretted not ordering more. The whipped, cream cheese-based topping was not pungently cheesy as much as it was salty, savory, and satisfying against the tart sweetness of the jasmine tea. We drank every last drop, scraped every last bit of foamy cheese off the walls of the cup. 

The drink, which has become feverishly popular in parts of China, Taiwan, and Malaysia, is somewhat new to Los Angeles, and definitely new to Downtown LA. We had to tell others about our discovery, which, of course, led to a taste test. Here’s what the team at HelloGiggles had to say about this tangy-sweet creation:

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