Little Fluffy Head Is Set To Bring Cheese Tea Mania To Los Angeles


Cheese tea. The drink trend has been sweeping through parts of Asia recently, and landed a store in Queens, New York just this past January. Now, the mash-up beverage is ready to make its Los Angeles debut when Little Fluffy Head opens next week in Downtown Los Angeles, giving Angelenos a taste and, in all likelihood, and Instagram post. 

The name, of course, is a reference to the head of the drink (like the foamy head on a pint of beer). The cheese cream (a light, sweetened cheese whip) is added on top of the tea base to create the "fluffy head". The cheese cream is made with cheese, whipping cream, milk, and pink salt to give it a "sweet and salty taste," Jenny Zheng, Little Fluffy Head's founder, says. 

Here's the drink broken down a bit more:

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Argel Sabillo