To inspire, explore, and grow with every customer we serve.

At Little Fluffy Head Cafe, we aspire to share the drinks we love and provide a comfortable environment for our customers to get away from daily stress.

Little Fluffy Head Cafe is one of the first cheese tea boba shops in Los Angeles of its kind, giving customers the familiar taste of deeply adored boba drinks-but with an added twist. We specialize in creating high-quality cheese tea drinks, pairing a refreshing tea base with a rich, creamy cheese foam topping. By integrating eastern and western bubble tea cultures through the unique flavors of our tea, we hope to provide exciting, innovative drink options for our customers.

Freshness and quality are two of our highest priorities at Little Fluffy Head Cafe. We work directly with local farms in Asia to bring you the most authentic tea leaves. Each tea used in our signature drinks is carefully customized to achieve the perfect flavors. Then, we use special brewing techniques to prepare our tea in small batches. We always serve our tea at its peak freshness to guarantee the best possible taste.



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