Started in August 2017, Little Fluffy Head Cafe is one of the first cheese tea boba shops of its kind in Los Angeles, giving customers the familiar taste of deeply adored boba drinks-but with an added twist. Little Fluffy Head Cafe specializes in creating high-quality dessert tea drinks, pairing a refreshing tea base with a rich creamy topping, calling it “Fluffy Tea”.

to inspire, explore, and grow with every customer we serve.
— our mission statement



It was never an easy decision to leave my bioengineering career behind right after i received my master's degree from UCLA and to pursue my dream in entrepreneurship. 

i hope to share my exciting new journey with you through unique and innovative drink experience. 

If you’re bored of your usual drink order and are looking to try something different, be sure to stop by Little Fluffy Head Cafe and enter the world of refreshing fluffy tea.



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